Our Management Team

Humble beginnings and high standards.

Project Control is a Total Commitment

Halcyon’s policy is to provide and implement a quality-control system for all projects that will ensure overall satisfaction and a finished product that’s in compliance with all contract requirements. Our goal is to proactively manage the work at all stages to reduce and eliminate common errors and omissions, prevent the use of substandard materials, and identify substandard craftsmanship or practices that would otherwise result in putting nonconforming work in place. By installing a total commitment to quality that extends from upper management to the trade workers and subcontractors, we produce the highest quality of finished product and still reduce overall costs by minimizing expensive rework. The quality control team monitors and documents the procurement, fabrication, and construction of all facilities and structures. Ensuring a successful project, it also monitors the installation of systems and equipment through final acceptance by the owner.

Safety is a Top Priority

At Halcyon, accidents are considered preventable through ongoing training, a cooperative team approach in all areas of operations, and by carefully planning construction activities. Safety is the responsibility of all Halcyon employees, and it’s the responsibility of our subcontractors’ employees as well. All work is performed in the safest manner possible, which is monitored by Bill Gregory. We make every effort to develop positive, preventive measures that contribute to improved production, so in the event of an incident, time lost is kept to a minimum. Our staff’s approach to difficult issues is to offer positive alternatives that are sensitive to quality, schedule and budget. We pride ourselves on being problem solvers with attitudes that facilitate continuing business relationships and client satisfaction.

Brad Schlepp

Brad is one of the founders and leader of Halcyon Construction, Inc. He directs corporate strategy, supervises all hiring as well as continuing employee development, and coordinates all operations for Halcyon Construction, Inc. He personally oversees the successful completion and ensures overall customer satisfaction for all projects. Brad was heavily involved in the creation & implementation of and ensures compliance with Halcyon’s’ highly effective safety, quality and environmental control plans.

JP Lobato

JP is responsible for supervising the overall management and administration of all projects and operations for Halcyon Construction, Inc. His responsibilities include oversite of estimating, qualifying subcontractors & suppliers, project scheduling, purchasing, and ensuring full compliance with Halcyon’s safety, quality and environmental control plans. JP works closely with clients, architects and engineers to make sure projects are constructed in accordance with plans and specifications.

Bill Gregory

Bill is responsible for the overall management of all construction operations, including supervision of project managers, estimators, site superintendents, and field personnel. His duties are: to ensure compliance with quality control, safety and environmental policies, project design, planning, layout, and scheduling; evaluation, training and coordination of office and on-site staff involved in construction operations.